Our water-resistant composite decking is perfect for hot tub surrounds! If you're thinking about adding a hot tub to your outdoor area, or if you're looking for durable hot tub decking to replace your existing hot tub surrounds, just keep reading...

Hot tub decking

There are all sorts of great reasons to add a deck to your garden, but one thing we hear from a lot of DeckPlus customers is that they want a deck with a hot tub.

And it's not hard to understand why - who doesn't love the sensation of sinking into a bubbling hot tub and letting the jets massage away the stress of the day?

But this begs an important question: is decking the right material for a hot tub surround? Can those boards withstand being splashed with water, or will they become warped and damaged over time?

Composite decking with hot tub

Well, there's no need to worry. While some hardwood decking products may not hold up very well in this situation, you can rest assured that DeckPlus composite decking is perfectly suitable for use as hot tub decking. One of the main reasons why timber decking cannot be used around a hot tub is because it has a tendency to take on water and split, rot and warp over time. To combat this, you'd need to sand, stain and seal timber decking regularly if you wanted to install it around a hot tub. We've worked on a number of submerged hot tub decking projects, including the one pictured above!

Pictured: EasyClean Reserve Driftwood Decking

In contrast, our decking is highly moisture-resistant, so you needn't be concerned about water damage from your hot tub. Many of our products are capped with a polymer sleeve that's specifically designed to shield against moisture - these capped deck boards will last for decades without becoming warped or degraded. We believe composite decking is a superior choice whether you're installing it around a hot tub or not. With British weather being so unpredictable, moisture-resistant decking is an excellent choice for any setting.

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Our slip-resistant composite decking is a very safe choice for hot tub surrounds and other high-moisture environments because the boards generally don't become slippery when wet, and they're less prone to mould and algae than some other products. Did we mention that our decking boards look absolutely fabulous? If you're looking for hot tub decking that looks and feels like real wood, but doesn't require so much upkeep, then composite decking is the way to go! 


If you'd like to request a quote for your hot tub decking project - or if you just want to find out more about our quality hot tub decking - then please don't hesitate to call DeckPlus on 0800 028 8756 today. Alternatively, browse our composite decking and order directly through our website today.

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