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Eco-Friendly Composite Decking

Here at Greensquares we strive to supply composite products with a low environmental impact. We go to great lengths to ensure that our composite boards are made in a sustainable way, so you can enjoy them guilt-free!


Each and every one of our eco-friendly composite boards is manufactured using reclaimed wood fibres and recycled plastics. Most of which would otherwise have been sent to landfills.

One of the benefits of choosing composite decking, cladding or fencing over timber is that fewer trees need to be cut down. In fact, off cuts of wood can be ground into the wood-flour we need making it easy for us to repurpose wood that would otherwise have been thrown away. We also further support the forestry industry by sourcing reclaimed FSC timber fibres where possible.

Similarly, the polymer resin used to create our composite boards is made using large quantities of post-industrial and post-consumer plastics. These recycled materials are melted down and added to the composite mixture to bind the wood flour together. This gives our boards their high water-resistance.
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During the manufacturing process we ensure that sustainable manufacturing methods are used. We follow strict environmental guidelines and the processes are heavily regulated to ensure that we emit minimal pollution into the atmosphere.

An efficient water recycling system is used to cool the composite boards as they move through the production line. Reusing the water, rather than discarding it, saves hundreds of thousands of litres every day.

Where possible renewable energy sources such as solar panels, to further improve the eco-friendliness of the manufacturing process is also used.


Unlike timber decking, our eco-friendly composite decking and other composite products never need sealing- thereby negating the need to periodically maintain them with chemicals that are harmful for the environment. All our eco-friendly boards need is an annual jet wash, or a quick wipe over (capped composite boards).

We’ve crafted our eco-friendly composite products to last as long as possible, so you shouldn’t need to replace or dispose of damaged boards after only a few years. By choosing Greensquares decking, cladding and fencing, you’re not only saving the environment, you’re also saving yourself money in the long-run!

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