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Which is better?

Timber products, especially timber decking is the most traditional choice for projects due to its natural aesthetic appeal. Alternatively, composite products provide all the beauty of natural hardwood without excess maintenance.

What’s the difference between hardwood products and composite products?

Hardwood/timber decking, cladding and fencing is made from natural materials. Timber boards are usually made from trees such as ash or oak.

On the other hand, composite decking, cladding and fencing, also known as WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), is made from a combination of plastic and natural wood fibres.

Composite products are an excellent option for your home or garden project as it mimics the appearance of natural wood without any of the maintenance and upkeep of hardwood boards.

So, should I buy composite or timber based products?



Hardwood boards require regular treating, staining, and painting. You may also find that the colour fades quickly in extreme weather conditions. It is advised to inspect your timber boards every six months to ensure that they haven’t rotted or developed fungus.

In comparison to timber, composite decking and other products required minimal maintenance. Our composite decking boards are produced with a protective sleeve that enhances protection against the elements that may damage your hardwood decking beyond repair.

In summary, timber boards requires far more maintenance and upkeep than composite boards.


Composite products are more expensive than timber products, but only because durability comes at a cost! Composite cladding, decking and fencing is a long-term investment that will provide you with high-quality products for 25-30 years.

You can get low-quality timber products for less than £10 per board, but high-quality hardwood products are far more expensive – and that’s before you factor in the ongoing maintenance costs.

High-quality composite decking starts at around £25 to £30 per board, our high-quality composite cladding starts at around £14 per board, and our premium-quality composite fencing starts at around £150 per panel. This will get you a great-looking deck, cladding area or fence that lasts for years with virtually zero maintenance.


The average lifespan of timber boards is 10 to 15 years. This depends on the quality of the wood you’ve chosen, and how well you keep up with maintaining the rigorous maintenance schedule that comes with hardwood products.

Alternatively, composite boards can last for 25-30 years and still look as beautiful as when it was first installed!

There really is no competition between composite boards and timber boards for its incredible lifespan.

Thinking of adding a composite solution to your property?

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