Deck around pool

If you're lucky enough to have a pool on your property, it's important to choose the right material for your pool surround.

Choosing wrong could make the area around your pool hazardously slippery - plus inferior products may have to be replaced very soon after they're installed!

Avoid the pitfalls of improper pool decking and deck out your poolside in style with composite decking from DeckPlus.


Benefits of composite decking around pools

When it comes to poolside surfaces, they don't come much better or much more reliable than composite decking. A combination of natural wood and synthetic materials, composite decking provides all the beauty of natural wood decking with all the durability of a man-made product.

While this is useful in any outdoor setting, the benefits in a poolside environment can be huge. Composite decking has an absorption rate of less than 1.2%, making it ideal for withstanding the inevitable splashes.

What's more, unlike its all-natural wood brethren, composite decking won't warp, rot or crack (common problems associated with traditional decking when wet). Better still, composite deck boards will never need to be sealed or treated for water-protection, making them the perfect pool decking choice.


Is composite decking slippery?

Perhaps the most useful benefit to composite decking when it comes to decking around a pool is its extreme slip resistance. While no decking material can claim to be 100% slip-proof, composite decking from DeckPlus stands firm as a reliable surface underfoot even when wet.

Each composite deck board comes complete with a textured finish for additional traction and grip; however, for the ultimate firm footing, our capped composite decking is perhaps the ultimate solution to your poolside decking needs.

Coated in a polymer sleeve, each capped composite deck board boasts unrivalled moisture protection. Any big splashes and spills can simply be wiped away without worry of absorption, while the boards themselves will often dry completely within just 30 minutes of water exposure.


Why choose composite decking for a pool?

With its peerless slip resistance, extremely low porosity and immunity to warps, rots and cracks, composite decking boasts all the functionality you could possibly want from your pool decking.

Best of all, our comprehensive collection of colours, designs and finishes provides you with unparalleled creative freedom in terms of outdoor aesthetics, ensuring you get the right surface for the job that looks as good as it performs.

To find out more about our composite decking products - ideal for swimming pool surrounds - call DeckPlus today on 0800 028 8756. If you're ready to order your composite decking and start your pool project, browse our composite decking & order directly through our website!

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