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In an ideal world, British weather would be dominated by beautiful sunshine, cool breezy air and cloudless skies.

Sadly, barring any dramatic change in global warming across the British Isles, this picturesque ideal is an unlikely scenario.

Instead, UK residents are probably going to have to get used to grey skies, wet weather and cold winds for the foreseeable future.

While dreary weather is unavoidable, slipping on your decking is with slip-resistant decking from DeckPlus.


Why Choose Composite Decking?

Standard wooden decking boards feature deep, natural grooves that are prone to capture and collect dirt and debris.

In the case of water, this can linger and even freeze in cold conditions, leaving you with an unwanted ice rink where your deck is supposed to be. These kinds of slippery surfaces are an accident waiting to happen! Although traditional wood decking can be very slippery in certain conditions, you may be wondering is composite decking slippery?

No it's not; unlike traditional wood decking, composite decking from DeckPlus offers a wide variety of slip-resistant qualities that make it the perfect safe-guarding alternative, particularly in wet conditions.


Slip-Resistant Composite Decking

Here at DeckPlus, we pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of slip-resistant decking possible. Our anti-slip decking helps greatly reduce slipping hazards, and creates a safe environment for all. 

Deliberately textured with a wood-look finish, each board is intricately made for the safest, most durable performance as well as aesthetic allure.

With less than 1.2% moisture intake, our composite deck boards are not only less likely to freeze over, they are also far less susceptible to developing slippery mould or algae.


Capped Composite Decking

Each composite deck board offers superior underfoot stability in a variety of conditions, painstakingly engineered to maintain traction in slippery conditions.

That being said, our capped composite decking range takes these high-grip capabilities to an even higher plateau, with their additional layer of moisture protection.

Encased in invisible, protective polymer, this inconspicuous membrane provides extreme water-resistance that makes capped composite decking boards virtually impermeable.


Slip-Resistant Safety

Our composite decking products have achieved the highest slip-resistance ratings both domestically in Britain as well as in Europe, providing a truly reliable surface that performs in all conditions.

Composite decking from DeckPlus is also designed to be extremely quick-drying to minimise the risk of slipping as much as possible.

After a downpour, your deck can be dry within just 30 minutes, making it the perfect surface for slip-safety, even in wet weather or in areas where water exposure is high (e.g. pools and hot tubs).



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