Deck overlooking pond

We recently received an unsolicited email from a customer in Oxfordshire who, just over a decade ago, used our TimberTech decking boards to add a deck to his property.


Warped decking

When considering adding a new composite deck to your property, it's natural to ask yourself questions regarding its suitability such as "how much does composite decking cost?" "How long does it last?" "Do I need to paint composite decking?" And "does composite decking warp like other types of decking?"

There's no problem with being cautious, in fact, it's good to cover all bases and make sure that your money is being spent on something that will ultimately add value to your home and life and composite decking isn't immune to such considerations.

In this blog, we try to make this process a little easier by answering one of these questions and hopefully giving you somewhat peace of mind that your money is being well spent. So, if you're wondering does composite decking warp, let's find out!