Deck overlooking pond

We recently received an unsolicited email from a customer in Oxfordshire who, just over a decade ago, used our TimberTech decking boards to add a deck to his property.

Here's what he had to say:

"Credit where credit is due: I am so impressed with the TimberTech decking I purchased from you ten years ago. It doesn't rot, it was easy to work with, and as you can see, it has stood the test of time. It still looks new!"

10 year old deck in Oxfordshire

One of the best things about our composite decking is the fact that it lasts for years - in fact, it lasts for decades - with virtually no maintenance at all. Aside from occasionally cleaning his deck with a pressure washer, our customer in Oxfordshire hasn't had to do anything to keep those boards in tip-top condition (whereas a hardwood deck would have required regular staining or oiling).

This outcome is testament to the unparalleled quality of TimberTech decking - and it becomes all the more remarkable when you consider that this customer's deck wasn't even built using the current generation of decking boards. Composite decking technology has evolved significantly over the past ten years; all of the TimberTech products we offer nowadays are capped with a water-resistant polymer sleeve that protects the board from damage and allows spills to be wiped clean with ease.

Watch the video below for some breathtaking aerial shots of this property and its decade-old deck, which overlooks a pond and serves as a lovely outdoor seating area.


Q&A with the customer

Why did you choose TimberTech decking for this space?

I wanted decking that was hard wearing, low maintenance, and which would not rot. TimberTech composite decking fit the bill. I also had to consider that the deck was going to be situated over a pond containing a number of precious fish, so it was important to find decking boards that could be cleaned without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

How have you made use of your deck over the past ten years?

We frequently sit and eat our meals out on the deck, plus it's been good for barbecues and other social occasions. The extra outdoor space has been particularly useful during lockdown!

Customer sitting out on his deck

Have the deck boards lived up to your expectations?

Yes - we haven't encountered any problems, and even after ten years of use, the decking has retained its look and texture. The boards have proven to be very hard wearing, which is exactly why we went with you in the first place. And when I wash the decking, I only use water; I haven't used chemical detergent cleaners even once in the past ten years, so the fish are thriving and the deck still looks as good as new.


About TimberTech composite decking

TimberTech is one of the world's leading composite decking brands. Made in the USA, these solid deck boards are durable, they're great looking - and they're available from DeckPlus!

DeckPlus and TimberTech logos

All of our TimberTech deck boards are 'capped' with a water-resistant polymer sleeve that protects the board from damage. Should you spill anything on your deck, the EasyClean boards can simply be wiped clean.

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