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A customer of ours recently placed an order for some EasyClean Edge+ Oak composite decking. These weather-resistant boards are part of our deluxe TimberTech decking range: made in the USA, ultra low maintenance, and just as beautiful as hardwood decking!


Deck overlooking pond

We recently received an unsolicited email from a customer in Oxfordshire who, just over a decade ago, used our TimberTech decking boards to add a deck to his property.


Tough decking still looks good after 12 years

When you add a deck to your garden, you want to be sure that you'll be able to keep enjoying that deck for years if not decades to come. After all, why buy the materials and do all the work if the deck is just going to fall apart within a couple of years?


When it comes to sourcing top-quality composite decking, TimberTech often comes out on top of the list.

A veteran brand that has revolutionised the decking industry, TT has earned its spot at the top of the mountain.

However, a quick Google search will also highlight a number of other composite competitors, with numerous other companies throwing their hat in the ring – albeit to varying results and quality.

One of those competitors is Trex. Industry veterans in their own right, Trex have become a common alternative for composite decking outside of TimberTech.

But how does it stand up next to TimberTech? Let’s find out as we put them both under the microscope in a head-to-head battle of TimberTech vs Trex.


timbertech vs trex



Capped composite decking is the latest and greatest innovation in decking durability. Providing enhanced stain and slip resistance, capped decking includes a protective polymer shield around each board to keep out moisture.

While both products favour the capped approach, a key difference between Trex boards and TimberTech boards is the way they are capped.

TimberTech boards are fully capped on all sides, sealing out moisture from all sides for maximum protection against moisture.

Conversely, Trex boards are only capped on the top, leaving the sides and underneath exposed to moisture. Think of it as having a high-security lock on your front door and leaving your back door open.



Both TimberTech and Trex offer composite decking that is inherently eco-friendly, combining reclaimed wood with synthetic materials to reduce the environmental impact.

From a sustainability point of view, both offer a guilt-free way of decking out your garden without contributing to felling trees and deforestation.

However, one key difference you’ll immediately notice between the two is their composition. Trex boards comprise of a solid plank with the typical straight, four-sided framework.

Meanwhile, TimberTech boards include a notably different underside, with two stylishly grooved channels running down the length of the board.

As a result, TimberTech uses less material than Trex per board simply by its anatomy. Over the course of an entire deck, this can amount to a considerable difference.



When it comes to warranty, the difference is evident to see and indisputable. Trex products offer a guarantee of 25 years, while most TimberTech products come with a hefty 30-year safety net, thereby offering 5 years additional cover than Trex.

The guarantee offered by Trex vs TimberTech’s leaves there no doubt who comes up on the winning end in terms of customer reassurance. TimberTech’s 30-year warranty (with stain and fade cover included) is the ultimate peace of mind.


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At DeckPlus, we provide a wide variety of composite decking solutions for an equally wide range of customers.

From budget-friendly decking of our EvoDek range to the rustic allure of WeatherDek, we have a comprehensive variety of styles, colours and designs available.

That being said, when it comes to popularity, our TimberTech range is a proven winner, time after time after time – and with good reason!


timbertech reviews


Why Use TimberTech?

Offering an authentically natural finish with low-maintenance durability of modern composite material, TimberTech products blend the best of both worlds in one superior product.

Innately resistant to fading, scratches and abrasions – as well as rain, frost and sun – TimberTech decking will not warp, rot or splinter, nor will it ever require any treatment or staining.

In fact, it’s specifically engineered to maintain its beauty for decades, with a 25-30 year guarantee to back that claim with confidence.

TimberTech composite decking is made of a combination of natural wood and synthetic materials, providing the aesthetic appeal of traditional decking with the durability of a synthetic product.

Better still, each composite decking board is made of up to 73% recycled materials, making it sustainable and eternally kinder to the environment than traditional hardwood materials


High Praise

While we could extoll the virtues of the almighty TimberTech for days, we’re naturally going to be somewhat biased based on the fact that we sell it.

But it’s not just DeckPlus that has good things to say about the king of composite decking products. There are plenty of real-life customers that have used our TimberTech products and know first-hand just how good they are!

Check out these genuine TimberTech reviews below to get the lay of the decking land, straight from the those in the know.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

"I couldn’t be more satisfied with my deck and give it 10 out of 10 for performance!"

  • Mr Pollard, Lancashire



"I’m really pleased with the slip-resistance of the decking – ideal as I have a small child."

  • Miss Haynes, London


A Valuable Addition

"I have recently had my property re-valued and the decking has added to the value of my house."

  • Mr Stamford, London


Holiday Transformation

"I just wanted to put in writing how delighted I am with my decking. It has quite literally transformed the holiday home."

  • Mrs Fraser, Chichester


Compliments of the Deck

"We are delighted with the installation, overall service and the end product. We have had a lot of interest and a large number of complimentary comments from neighbours."

  • Mr Price, Pontypridd



"I love this decking. After a party with lots of people, there wasn’t even a slight scratch on it. The morning after, we just gave it a quick wash and it looked as good as new. "

  • Mrs Smith, Bury


Summed Up in a Sentence

"Excellent product, outstanding service, unparalleled decking."

  • Mr Pierdominici, West London


There you have it: real-life TimberTech reviews from real-life customers! Why not check out the quality for yourself by ordering a FREE sample today? Order now and see the quality of TimberTech for yourself!



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