As you know, we like to keep things here at DeckPlus fresh and innovative. For those of you who've been holding out for the perfect new decking for your garden, today might be the day you've been waiting for. Three new composite decking ranges are joining the DeckPlus family. Introducing... EasyClean Edge+, EasyClean Reserve and ReversaDek composite decking.

EasyClean Edge+ Composite Decking

If you want to add a touch of contemporary appeal to your garden, look no further than this gorgeous new composite decking range. Combining a dynamic duo-tone effect with a wood-like straight grain, these boards are equally, (if not more) charming than traditional wooden boards. EasyClean Edge+ comes in two stylish colours, Sea Salt and Oak (shown above), so we're sure there'll be a shade to suit you. Here are a few other key product features:

  • Capped on three sides with a durable polymer sleeve
  • Grooved or ungrooved profiles
  • 25-year warranty including fade and stain cover


EasyClean Reserve Composite Decking

Are you looking for a classy decking option with an appealing aesthetic design, this is the decking for you. Combining sumptuous colours, robust materials and a matte finish, this decking is sure to stand out from the crowd. Reserve decking is available in three colours: Storm Grey, Driftwood and Dark Roast (shown above). You'll never have to worry about these delightful colours fading because each EasyClean Reserve board is capped on three sides with a tough polymer sleeve. Here are a few other features of Reserve:

  • 30-year warranty with fade and stain cover
  • Can be installed using CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners
  • Realistic antique brushed texture


ReversaDek Composite Decking

Bringing a touch of innovation to the composite decking market, this reversible decking option is sure to get you thinking about your garden redesign in a new and creative way. With these versatile boards, you can choose a colour that perfectly matches your home and decor by simply selecting the decking face that suits you most. For a more complex design, you can vary the upward face to expose both colours in an attractive variegated pattern. ReversaDek comes in two shades, Silver Grey or Slate Grey, (depending on which way round you choose to install them!). A couple more features to bear in mind are:

  • Hollow, lightweight boards with a grooved profile
  • 20-year warranty as standard
  • Colour-matched trim available


Now you know all about our new decking ranges, we're sure you'll be keen to start your garden renovation right away! So, if one of these new ranges takes your fancy, why not order a sample? Alternatively, you can browse all of our composite decking options here.

Benefits of Hidden Deck Fasteners

In our professional opinion, the best and most attractive way to install your composite decking is with hidden fasteners!

Depending on the type of composite decking board you choose, you are able to use hidden fasteners to ‘soft install’ your decking, resulting in a cleaner, more attractive-looking deck. Composite deck boards with a grooved edge allow hidden fasteners to be placed on either side and then screwed down into the deck’s frame. Meaning deck screws do not have to be drilled into the deck’s body, avoiding damage to the board and ensuring longevity. This is what provides a perfect, clean finish.

Types of Fasteners

There are two types of fasteners available to use when installing a deck; starter fasteners and hidden fasteners.

Starter fasteners are required by nearly all deck installations. This is the metal clip used to install and secure the very first and last deck boards of each run. Its purpose is to provide stability to the outer deck, resulting in the longevity of the deck’s body.

Hidden fasteners are the fasteners that create the gap between each individual board, which are secured and drilled down at each crossover of board and joist. Their purpose is to hold the boards in place across the main body of the deck and come with a whole host of features and benefits, including;

  • Easy installation, either pneumatically or using a drill
  • Available in a variety of sizes for different project types
  • Concealed to preserve the deck’s clean finish
  • Less likely to succumb to damage
  • Less risk for pets, children and feet
  • Built-in spacer provides a uniform gap between each board

Why does there have to be a gap between boards?

DeckPlus’ composite decking requires a gap between each board of 3-5mm in order for the warranty to be satisfied. This is to account for expansion and contraction of the deck boards within a variety of climates. If boards are not installed with an appropriate gap, there is a risk that the deck’s warranty will be void. Hidden fasteners enable you to install your boards with the correct gap in between, avoiding any potential issues with your deck’s warranty.

Here at DeckPlus, our hidden deck fasteners are available in different size options, catering for a variety of projects. Whether you’re looking to install a small deck or a large one, we have the hidden fasteners to match. Visit our decking accessories page today to learn more about the hidden fasteners options that we have available.

You can also find more information and instructions on our hidden deck fasteners within our installation resources. Click below to find out more!

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Want to speak to a member of the DeckPlus team about our hidden deck fasteners, composite deck boards or anything else? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’d be more than happy to hear from you.