Decking is a great way to revitalise your outdoor space and breathe fresh life into your garden. Composite decking is a diverse material choice, available in a wide variety of different colours and designs that emulate that aesthetic of traditional wood decking.

Composite decking is also a fantastic decking material due to its low-maintenance, cost-effective nature, and long lifespan.

If you’re interested in undertaking a new decking project, you may be interested in learning more about the installation process and what you might expect. One of the final stages of decking installation is the finishing of the edges, but what exactly does this mean, and how do you finish the edges of a deck?


Installation and How to Finish Your Decking

One benefit of composite decking is that it’s relatively easy to install. If you’re inclined, it’s more than possible for you to install the decking yourself. In fact, DeckPlus offers a range of useful installation resources to help you get your new decking installed with as little fuss as possible.

If you’re in the final stages of your decking installation and are wondering how best to finish the edges of your decking, you’ll need to use some Decking Trim.

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Decking trim is essentially specially manufactured composite decking planks that are designed to cover the edges of decking projects, sealing and protecting the internal mechanics of the decking as well as creating a smooth edge.

Properly finishing your decking with a suitable trim gives it a smooth and finished aesthetic, but it serves a practical purpose as well. Having suitable decking prevents the internal aspects of your decking from being exposed to the elements, and reduces the risk of someone tripping or hurting themselves on an unfinished decking plank.

Decking trim can also be used to achieve a certain aesthetic within your decking project. For example, if you’re looking to create bold look, you can use a decking trim that’s a different colour or shade to the rest of your decking to create a stunning contrast.

If you’re looking for inspiration for ways in which composite decking can upgrade your outdoor space, take a look at our online gallery, or better yet, come and visit us in our South Wales Showroom!

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