can you install composite over wood decking? 

There are homeowners up and down the country with old wooden decks in their gardens, begging to be replaced! Over time, moisture creeps into wooden boards, causing them to crack, rot and warp. Left untreated, your old wooden deck can become a real hazard to you and others in your home. 

Compared to composite decking, wooden decks have a relatively short lifespan, so it's unsurprising that homeowners often opt for a more durable replacement. One of the things that puts people off installing a new deck is the prospect of ripping up the old one. Not only does this take time, but it also leaves you with a huge pile of (potentially rotting) wood that you'll need to get rid of. 

Here at DeckPlus, we're often asked - can I just install my new composite decking over my old wood decking? After all composite decking does require a sub-frame, so it seems silly to rip it up and start fresh...

The short answer to the question, yes. You can install composite decking over wood decking, but whether you should do it or not depends on the condition of your existing deck!

What condition is your wooden deck in?

If your wooden decking is damaged, rotting, or unstable, we'd highly recommend ripping it up to start again. If you install your new composite deck on top of these boards, the wooden decking beneath will continue to degrade and will eventually cause your new composite deck to collapse. In reality, taking a short cut and installing composite decking over a wooden deck can actually cause you more problems and cost you more money later down the line. 

On the other hand, if your deck is in good condition then you might be able to install your new composite decking over the top, no problem! This begs the question though - if there's nothing wrong with your wooden deck, why would you cover it up with composite?


The benefits of a new decking subframe

Rather than trying to build your composite deck over your old wooden deck, we'd highly recommend you create a new, sturdy subframe to ensure a long-lasting finish. Here at DeckPlus, we offer a revolutionary subframe structure called Easy-Frame. This is a great alternative to a wooden subframe that won't rot or warp because it's made of zinc-coated steel.

The benefits of choosing this subframe (rather than building over your old deck) are endless! Each Easy-Frame is built to meet the exact dimensions of your new deck. Once made, the subframe can be installed easily by no more than two people, making this a very convenient solution for your new deck. Learn more about Easy-Frame by watching the video below:

Hopefully, this helps you to understand why installing composite decking over an existing wood deck is not always the best idea! Take a look at our Easy-Frame system if you're thinking about replacing your old deck. Give us a call if you have any further questions -  0800 028 8756.

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