Composite decking with deck handrail

If you're thinking of using composite decking to build a deck in your garden, you may be looking for a clearer idea of the advantages that composite deck boards have to offer. What benefits will you get from choosing composite decking over hardwood timber decking? And are there any disadvantages that you should be aware of?

Today, we're going to take a quick look at some of the key pros and cons of composite decking. We hope this will help you to make your mind up!


PRO: Composite decking is low maintenance.

Unlike hardwood deck boards, DeckPlus composite decking never has to be painted or stained. Your garden deck will last for years with virtually no effort at all - see our Warranty Information to find out how long you can expect your decking to last.


CON: Composite decking can be expensive.

Composite decking tends not to be the cheapest decking option on the market, so if you're on a tight budget, you may have to go with an alternative material. That being said, we do our best to cater for all price ranges here at DeckPlus - our deck boards start from less than £40 per square metre.


PRO: Composite decking is safe and splinter-free.

Timber decking is prone to splintering, which can be dangerous if you're walking around barefoot. DeckPlus composite decking doesn't splinter, making it a safer choice - note that our boards are also slip resistant, plus they don't get too hot on sunny days.


CON: Composite decking lacks the natural beauty of real wood.

This is a commonly-quoted disadvantage of composite decking: that it simply doesn't look as nice as genuine hardwood decking. It's true that wood/plastic composite decking will never look quite as natural as 100% wood products, but we still think our composite decking products are absolutely beautiful. Check out this photo gallery and decide for yourself!


PRO: Composite decking is kinder to the environment.

If you're eager to minimise your impact on the world around you, you'll be pleased to learn that composite decking is a relatively green choice compared to traditional timber decking. Whereas the hardwood market contributes to deforestation, our composite deck boards are mostly made from reclaimed wood that would otherwise have gone into landfills. Read our Eco-Friendly Decking page for more information.

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If you've decided that composite decking is the right choice for your outdoor space, why not order yourself some FREE samples from DeckPlus? We have a wide selection of composite decking boards to suit all tastes and budgets! Did you know you can also order all of the composite decking for your project directly through our website? Start your garden transformation today!

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