composite decking in cold weather

If you're thinking about installing composite decking this winter, you're in luck! Composite decking is perfectly suited for the cold weather, and can withstand rain, snow and sleet unlike any other decking material on the market. In fact, there are actually many advantages to installing your composite decking in cold weather:

  1. Composite decking is resistant to the elements.
  2. Winter is the perfect time to rip up an old timber deck!
  3. If you're hiring an installer, they're more likely to be available in the cold months.
  4. You can save your plants and give them time to recover in the spring.


Why is Composite Decking Suited for Cold Weather?


Composite decking has a material advantage in cold weather over wooden decking. This is because it is a combination of plastic decking and real wood fibres. So you get all the aesthetic benefits of wooden decking without the burdensome maintenance requirements.

Cold temperatures and water damage causes wood to contract, which can warp your decking boards - resulting in a loss of original shape and stability. You will never have to worry about cold weather issues with composite decking.

Composite decking requires no preparation such as staining and sanding, sealing or winterisation - meaning less faff for you this winter and more time to focus on the things that matter. Due to its clever combination of materials, it will never rot or soften due to moisture over the course of the winter or in long bouts of cold weather.


What Features of Composite Decking Make it Perfect for Cold Weather?


At DeckPlus, we're extremely proud of our range of composite decking. It truly is an incredible alternative that will provide you with many benefits over its long lifespan. Our composite decking boasts:

  • Moisture-resistance

Our decks have an extremely low absorption rate, meaning that they're quite literally made for the cold weather. You don't have to worry about slipping or the ice surface water freezing over.

  • A protective polymer sleeve

For extra security and safety, our capped composite decking is particularly water resistant, which is very handy for the cold weather. This kind of composite decking absorbs even more than traditional composite decking!

  • Incredible durability

If you do wish to remove any snow or ice from your decking, you don't have to worry about damaging the deck surface. Go ahead and use rock salt or calcium chloride - your composite decking can withstand it.

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