Throughout the year, British weather is typically dominated by dismal weather, with grey skies and downpours an accepted part of life in the UK.

As a result, when it comes to outdoor flooring, the ability to combat these conditions isn't just a welcome addition, it’s a veritable must-have.

In the case of outdoor flooring, non-slip decking is the holy grail of outdoor flooring, providing firm footing and grip in all weathers.

But just how slip-proof is non-slip decking? Let’s find out…


Non-slip decking


Can You Get Non-Slip Decking?

Before we go any further, lets address the very common question "is there such a thing as non-slip decking?" It’s worth noting this very important point: there’s no such thing as slip-proof decking.

Any company that claims to offer slip-proof decking is likely to be quite the slippery customer in their own right, so avoid at all costs! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, back to the task at hand…

While slip-proof decking is yet to make its way off the technological production line, slip-resistant decking is very much a reality. When the word "non-slip" is used, it's usually referring to slip-resistant decking, providing ample slip-avoiding attributes such as enhanced grip, etc. – without claiming to offer complete immunity.


Slip-Resistant Composite Decking

Traditional wood decking boards are prone to collecting moisture, whether it’s within the natural groves of the wood or soaked up by the board itself. Both can cause a major slip hazard, particularly following a heavy downpour.

Worse still, during the wintertime, this moisture can then freeze over, causing your wooden deck area to become a make-shift ice rink, worthy of Will Ferrell and Jon Heder.

At DeckPlus, all of our composite decking is specifically designed and engineered for enhanced slip-resistant, providing extreme traction with every transaction. With a moisture intake of just 1.2%, our composite deck boards are not only less likely to freeze over, but they are also far more resistant to slippery fungus like mould and algae.


What's the Best Non-Slip Decking?

When it comes to slip-resistance, few decking materials can compare to the moisture-resisting qualities of capped composite decking.

Covered in a protective polymer coat, each capped composite deck board is virtually impermeable. Surface water can simply be wiped away or left to dry, with a typical drying time of just 30 minutes.

These slip-resistant qualities make capped composite decking the perfect surface material for pool surrounds, hot tubs and areas likely to endure frequent splashes and spills. If you're looking for a safe and stylish alternative to slippery traditional wood decking, non-slip composite decking is the right option for you. 


Non-Slip Decking Boards at DeckPlus

Best of all, all of our composite decking boards come in a wide variety of designs, to ensure you get the best choice possible in terms of design, colour and safety.

Don’t slip up in your quest for the perfect decking. Order slip-resistant composite decking from DeckPlus and keep your feet firmly on the ground, regardless of what the weather brings!


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