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Optima Black Composite Cladding (Grooved)

£14.65per board (inc VAT)
£33.30 per m2 (inc VAT)
Was £39.18 per m2 (inc VAT)

Introducing Optima – our budget-friendly, high-quality uncapped composite cladding, designed for elevated aesthetics without breaking the bank. Crafted for precision and sturdiness, our composite cladding seamlessly blends affordability with top-notch performance, an ideal choice for a smart, stylish solution. This innovative alternative to timber offers a sleek, maintenance-free, classic wood aesthetic and resists rotting, warping, and splintering, providing enhanced strength. This cladding solution effortlessly merges modernity with timeless charm, delivering lasting durability and functionality. Versatile, easy to install, and impeccably finished, Optima assures style and significant savings, ideal for those prioritising both aesthetics and practicality.

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Product Details

Stylish Uncapped Composite Cladding Boards in Black.

Optima is our exceptional line of budget-friendly, yet high-quality uncapped composite cladding designed to elevate the aesthetics of your space without breaking the bank. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, Optima seamlessly combines affordability with top-notch performance, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a smart and stylish solution.

This innovative cladding serves as a sleek and stylish alternative to timber cladding that retains the classic wood aesthetic without the burdensome maintenance. Say goodbye to the constant upkeep associated with traditional wood, as Optima offers numerous benefits, including resistance to rotting, warping, and splintering, coupled with enhanced strength. Optima blends modernity with timeless charm through a brushed surface texture and delivers enduring durability and functionality.

Versatile, easy to install, and impeccably finished, this composite cladding empowers you to upgrade your space with confidence. Revel in the assurance that it not only delivers on style but also provides significant savings, making it the ideal choice for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

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