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Black Fixing Screws – Pack of 100

£0.00per board (inc VAT)
£3.99 per m2 (inc VAT)
Was £4.69 per m2 (inc VAT)

Precision-designed colour-matching screws secure composite cladding seamlessly to the batten. Their robust construction ensures durability, contributing to the system's longevity. Colour coordination adds a finishing touch, marrying functionality with aesthetic coherence for a polished appearance.

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Product Details

A pack of 100 black composite cladding fixing screws for Optima, Optima Pro and Linear Slatted

Our colour-matching composite cladding screws are specially designed for securing your composite cladding boards to the batten with precision. These screws seamlessly blend with the cladding, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing installation. Their robust construction guarantees a secure and durable attachment, contributing to the overall longevity of your composite cladding system. The colour coordination adds a finishing touch to your project, combining functionality with aesthetic coherence for a polished and professional appearance.

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