will rain damage my deck

With Storm Christoph making its way across the UK, homeowners are wondering how their gardens will hold up. Rain, flooding and even strong winds can have a detrimental impact on your garden, so it's important that you invest in durable garden features that can withstand British weather. 

Will rain ruin my newly stained deck?

If you have a traditional timber deck in your garden, you might be wondering whether the rain will affect the stain you just applied. Well, that all depends on how well your boards are sealed. A stain is good at making timber decking a deeper, richer colour, but it doesn't always do much in terms of making the decking waterproof. Most timber decking providers would recommend that you also apply a coat of sealant to protect your boards from the rain. 

So, yes, it's likely that your newly stained deck will be ruined by the rain if you haven't properly sealed it. Rainwater is slightly acid, and over time, it will seep into your wooden boards and break down the sealant and stain that you painstakingly applied - that's why it needs to be re-applied annually! 

A water-resistant alternative

We know what you're thinking, that sounds like a LOT of work. And you're right. A traditional timber deck is a lot of work and if you want it to look good all year round you need to be prepared to put the time in. 

If you're thinking about finding a water-resistant alternative to traditional timber decking, then you've come to the right place. Here at DeckPlus, we offer a wide variety of composite decking that's manufactured with water resistance in mind.

How is composite decking made?

For those of you who aren't familiar with how our composite decking is made, we combine wood flour with a polymer resin and (for some of our ranges) finish the board off with an additional polymer sleeve. This makes our boards very impermeable to water, which is great for gardens here in the UK where rain clouds can appear at any moment! Composite decking won't need staining or sealing, the polymer resin keeps it looking bright and beautiful whatever the weather.

You might be thinking that boards made with polymer must look cheap and plasticky. That's where you're wrong. We've worked really hard with our manufacturers to create composite decking that has a real-wood look and finish, so you really can have the best of both worlds. A beatiful deck that's more than capable of standing up to the elements.

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If you're interested in replacing your old wooden deck with a durable deck, take a look at our range of composite decking. It's sure to withstand whatever the British weather throws at it and will last you a lifetime.

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