Whether you’re looking to give your garden a minor facelift or planning a complete outdoor overhaul, the variety of design options available in 2019 and beyond is enough to leave you floored.

However, if you’re truly looking to deck out your outdoor space in style, there’s no substitute for the awesome power of composite decking.

Made from a modern blend of natural wood and synthetic materials, the combination of practical durability and aesthetic allure is a winning combination that’s truly hard to beat.

But don’t take our word for it: read on and see for yourself!

Types of Composite Decking

Reviewing modern composite decking is a lot like comparing sparkling wines. If capped composite is the champagne of the decking world, then uncapped is the prosecco and hollow decking is akin to cava.

All are equally palatable and acceptable additions to the wine cooler; however, they also offer their own varying benefits. While one may offer luxury quality with a premium price to match, the other may present a more affordable alternative with many of the characteristics of its dearer brethren.

To help you get a taste for all three, let’s pop the cork and take a look at just what is bubbling over in the world of composite decking.

Capped Composite Decking

The most durable of all our decking options, the capped composite decking range offers premium protection against the elements.

Offering all the protective features you would expect from a modern composite product, this board also provides unrivalled moisture resistance, making spills and stains a by-gone worry.

Encased in protective polymer, our capped decking boards provide wipe-clean functionality that’s perfect for social gatherings and alfresco dining.

Uncapped Composite Decking

Much like its younger “capped” sibling, uncapped composite decking is also extremely durable and highly resistant to slips, fades and abrasions.

In addition to this, uncapped decking also offers the added bonus of requiring very minimal maintenance. It will never require treatment and will good as new with a simple jetwash annually.

With splits, splinters and warping a thing of the past, our uncapped composite decking range is a great choice for anyone looking to take their decking design to the next level.

Hollow Composite Decking

We also offer an all-new option to the aforementioned twosome, with our economically aimed yet aesthetically awesome hollow composite decking range.

Offering all the benefits of a typical composite decking board, these hollow boards are a lighter alternative and comprise of less material due to their hollow characteristics.

This translates to a more affordable price tag that still results in a fantastic finish that performs.

Eco-Friendly Benefits of Composite Decking

In addition to the physical benefits of composite decking, there are also a myriad of ecological advantages to composite decking. While that may seem like a surprising statement when discussing a wood-based product, stay with us here…

At DeckPlus, we take planetary conservation very seriously. As such, no trees are felled in the production of our deck boards and we only use reclaimed wood for our materials.

In fact, all of our decking is made from a unique blend of repurposed hardwood and pure polymer resin, with our finished boards comprising of an impressive 73% recycled materials.

Meanwhile, the low-maintenance independence of our composite decking products means no sealing, painting or staining, further reducing the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Even our packaging is made from recycled materials!

Choosing Your Composite Decking

Whichever option you choose, it ultimately comes down to two things: personal preference and budget.

All three options offer fantastic upsides, notably their designer durability, aesthetic appeal and minimal maintenance. Naturally, these features will logically enhance the more you spend, as is often the case.

That being said, the reduction in materials used for hollow decking boards makes them considerably more eco-friendly, while the quality of designs in the uncapped range are simply stunning. As such, the benefits don’t always depend on price.

One thing that is for sure, whatever form of composite decking you settle on, you won’t be disappointed. At DeckPlus, we aim to provide you with the best product possible to ensure you get the deck design you’ve been dreaming of.

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