what to do with leftover decking boards

When you complete a garden renovation, you can sometimes find that you have materials left over at the end! If you've spent a lot of time and money choosing composite decking that you adore, it seems a shame to let the leftover deck boards go to waste. Don't worry, there are a lot of practical and innovative ways that you can use your leftover deck boards to further enhance your outdoor space. So, if you're wondering what to do with your leftover deck boards, just keep reading.

composite decking bench

Create a garden bench

A great way to use up leftover deck boards is to create a garden bench like the one you see here. This banquette style bench blends seamlessly into the new decking and will be perfect for entertaining guests throughout summer. Simply add a few waterproof cushions and you'll have a comfortable seating area that you can use whatever the weather. 

If you only have a few deck boards, you could definitely make a simple bench that still gives a seamless and stylish effect. One of the great benefits of using composite decking to create a bench is that, unlike wooden benches, a composite decking bench will never splinter, warp or rot.

All too often, we see homeowners who opt for cheap, poor quality garden furniture that needs to be replaced after only a few years. If you're going to install a deck that lasts a lifetime, why not create your own garden furniture that'll last a lifetime too?


composite decking planter

Make a composite decking planter

Another great way to use leftover decking is to build a garden planter. Here you can see one that's been integrated into the decking, although you could create a separate planter to be installed anywhere in your garden. We love the idea of using composite decking to make a planter because we know a composite decking planter will look good and last much longer than traditional planters. 

When you're constantly watering your plants to keep them luscious and healthy, you can leave your wooden planters prone to rotting. Because composite decking is capped with a polymer resin, you don't need to worry about excess water damaging the boards. 

We would recommend spacing the boards out slightly (as you would when building a deck) so that the boards can expand and contract during the different seasons. This will also allow ample space for excess water to drain away. You can fill your planter with a whole range of plants including fruits, vegetables and berries. We can't promise that they'll flourish (that's up to you), but we can promise that your planter will be a gorgeous addition to your garden nonetheless.

birds in tree

Build a Bird Box

If you've only got a handful of deck boards to work with, we'd recommend creating something small for your garden - like a bird box. There's nothing more exciting than sitting on your new deck and watching the little birds visit the new nest box that you created for them. Since our composite decking is weatherproof, you can rest assured that the birds will have a cosy little spot to take refuge in come rain or shine!

So there you have it, a few different things that you can do with leftover decking boards. If you are yet to start your garden transformation, take a look at the composite decking we have on offer, and don't forget to order 3 FREE samples to find your perfect match!

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