Embarking on an outdoor project can be a daunting task from the outset, particularly if you have no prior experience, existing knowledge or professional expertise in the area.

Shopping for the best decking material for an outdoor revamp can be a detailed task. But, to help you get the best decking material for your project, we’ve outlined our DeckPlus products so you know exactly what to expect when your decking is unveiled on delivery day.


Best Decking Material


What is the Best Decking Material?

The best decking material is, without a doubt, composite decking. It has many monetary benefits alongside its unbeatable durability and low maintenance.

Here at DeckPlus, we offer three primary options for those looking to revive their outdoor space with the best decking material.


Capped Composite Decking

Encased in an additional protective polymer sleeve that’s exclusive to our capped composite deck products, these capped boards are the undisputed king of the composite decking world.

Built with low-maintenance durability at its core, each capped composite decking board features an undetectable shielding cover that gifts it with impressively low porosity. This translates to extreme slip-resistance that’s simply unrivalled.

In the event of a spill, simply wipe-clean and your deck will be good as new, showing no lasting ill-effects, whether you spill wine, juice or oil. The best decking material for outdoor living, this surface is made for social gatherings.


Uncapped Composite Decking

While missing the protective polymer sleeve of our capped composite decking, uncapped composite decking from DeckPlus provides your outdoor space with an extremely durable, long-lasting decking solution that won’t let you down.

Stain and slip resistant, each board is built to the highest specification to ensure your deck area retains its beauty year after year. What’s more, it’s also fundamentally engineered to perform efficiently in a variety of weather conditions!

Better still, these boards are extremely low-maintenance and will never require staining or sealing, nor will they ever splinter, split or crack.


Hollow Composite Decking

If the budget is tight and the cost is a concern, don’t throw in the towel on your outdoor project just yet. Hollow composite decking from DeckPlus is the ultimate way to achieve your decking dreams economically.

This composite decking is the best decking material for people on a budget. Available in two primary options – the EvoDek range and the WeatherDek range – these budget-friendly decking solutions provide composite decking performance at a price that won’t bleed your bank account dry.

With a tough, hard-wearing exterior, these hollow boards provide an attractive wood-look aesthetic with modern composite materials. The hollow centre gives a lightweight finish that is still just as reliable as its solid siblings, yet far more environmentally friendly.


What is the Best Decking Material for Me?

Naturally, it would be easy to say that capped composite decking is the obvious choice for anyone looking to make a grand investment in their outdoor space.

Whilst this may be true, it’s also unrealistic and budget can and often does play a hand in the choices we make. If your budget will allow, capped composite decking arguably provides the best decking material overall, providing enhanced durability and protection with its polymer coating, ensuring it maintains its design and looks.

Conversely, hollow decking is a true life-saver and the best decking material for anyone looking to revive their outdoor space without the luxury of a big budget, providing style and substance without breaking the bank.

For a middle-ground solution, uncapped composite decking is perhaps the best of both worlds. Competitively priced yet robustly reliable and low-maintenance, it offers a great design solution that incorporates long-lasting aesthetics and performance with a more appealing price.

Whichever decking option you ultimately opt for, you won’t be disappointed with DeckPlus! We hope that we have answered your question of what is the best decking materiall! For more information on any of these product ranges, why not get in touch with a member of the DeckPlus team? 

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