When considering materials for your outdoor space, it’s vital to select something that suits your requirements. Composite decking is a very popular choice, due to the fact that it's highly versatile. Composite decking boards are available in lots of different dimensions, colours and aesthetics.

One expression you might have come across if you’ve been researching composite decking options is ‘square edge decking’. What exactly is square edge decking, and what makes it different from other types of composite decking?

Square edge composite decking

Pictured: EasyClean Edge+ Oak Decking (Ungrooved)

Square edge deck boards - also known as ungrooved decking boards - have a smooth, ungrooved edge. This makes them distinct from grooved deck boards, which have a grooved edge for easier installation.


Grooved vs Ungrooved Composite Decking

When it comes to building your new deck, grooved and ungrooved decking products require different installation techniques. Grooved composite decking boards can be fixed in place using fasteners that aren’t visible after installation, whereas square edge decking is usually screwed through the top.

The best kind of decking for your project will depend to some extent on the kind of surface you're installing on, but here at DeckPlus, we generally recommend using grooved decking boards with ungrooved (square edge) boards as trim.

Here's what grooved decking looks like from two different angles, including a view of the visible groove that runs along the edge of the board. As you can see, these grooves aren’t visible after installation.

Grooved decking images

To find out more about the installation process of grooved decking, check out the blog post linked down below.

Benefits of Hidden Deck Fasteners

If you’re looking for advice in regards to the installation of either grooved or ungrooved decking, check out our installation resources. We have a number of PDF guides pertaining to the installation of decking, as well as the maintenance and care of composite decking.

Whether you're looking for grooved or square edge decking, DeckPlus has got you covered. DeckPlus supplies composite decking in a wide variety of different colours and designs, available in both grooved and square edge versions. Click the link below to browse our range - you can buy your deck boards online today, or if you'd like to take a closer look before you make a decision, you can order some free samples.

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If you have any further questions about the differences between grooved and square edge composite decking, please don't hesitate to get in touch with DeckPlus. Our first-class team are highly trained and knowledgeable about composite decking.

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