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Bring the economical evolution to your outside space with cost-effective composite decking that doesn’t scrimp on quality.

Introducing DeckPlus – the low-cost solution to your decking dreams.

Boasting budget-friendly pricing that caters for a whole range of finances, DeckPlus offers a wide variety of stunning outdoor designs that are made with you in mind.

Get the lay of the land on your property and deck out your garden the right way, with affordable luxury from DeckPlus.

Who are we?

It’s long been said that “you can’t put a price on happiness”. However, if you could, we’re pretty sure that you would be a whole lot happier if that price came at a lower cost!

Sadly, when it comes to sourcing cheap decking for your outside space, finding an inexpensive product that ticks the budgetary box without sacrificing quality can be an impossible dream.

The white whale of the decking industry, low-cost/high-quality composite decking is certainly a tough combination to master and, as a result, is extremely hard to come by.

Luckily, here at DeckPlus, we believe that nothing’s impossible – especially when it comes to decking.

What’s on offer?

We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice price for performance or vice versa …which is why we created DeckPlus!

Our affordable decking options provide stunning possibilities for those looking to create an attractive outdoor space without breaking the bank.

We specialise in budget-friendly decking, with a whole host of composite decking options, ranging from economically friendly EvoDek range right through to our revolutionary ReversaDek.

In addition to our economically attractive hollow composite decking, we also supply premium composite decking products as part of our TimberTech range.

Offering elite aesthetic flair that won’t fade or wear, TimberTech composite decking is ideal for those looking to invest a little more into their outdoor upgrade, providing a premium solution to your decking dilemmas.

Why choose us?

Anyone that’s ever attempted a renovation project – big or small – will be well aware that even the best laid plans can and usually do go awry.

For property revamps and garden upgrades, this often results in budgets going out the window and costs quickly skyrocketing as a result.

If the first casualty of war is innocence, the first casualty of renovation is undoubtedly budget. It’s not unusual for projects to go dramatically overbudget, with overspending a natural repercussion.

The variety of high quality/low-cost products at DeckPlus can help you avoid this trap and safely steer you away from frivolous exorbitance.

Put the power back in your hands and keep your budget in check at the same time with affordable decking that looks great, performs and lasts.

What are you waiting for? Realise your decking dreams today with affordable composite decking from DeckPlus! Call now on 0800 085 8110 or hit the button below to get in touch online.

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