Life in the 21st century can be a mile a minute and fitting everything into a 24-hour day is, at times, nigh on impossible.

For those lucky enough to have composite decking on their property, one hindrance you can remove from the list of time-sapping chores is deck maintenance.

No longer will you have to spend your summer Saturdays treating your deck boards with sealing products and coats of varnish, nor will you have to spend hours scrubbing them clean after a heavy build-up of groove-infiltrating dirt.

Read on for the complete low-down on the time and labour-saving properties of our low-maintenance decking and see for yourself.


low maintenance decking


Decking Maintenance

When it comes to low-maintenance decking, composite decking has no peers.

Softwood decking is prone to water absorption and can be a real slip hazard, as well as a magnet for mildew and mould. They are also likely to split and splinter in short turnaround and have a life-span that’s hardly worth the investment.

Meanwhile, while hardwood decking is a better option than its softer counterpart, this too can crack, split and splinter over time and requires a lot of TLC to keep in tip-top condition. They are also often sourced from tropical areas and are extremely detrimental to the environment.

With such drawbacks to the natural route, it’s no surprise that many opt for a synthetic alternative; however, even that route isn’t without its flaws. In fact, traditional man-made options can have their own set of issues altogether.

Plastic decking lacks the organic appearance of wood, while the structural integrity of PVC boards can become seriously compromised with the expansion/contraction of the boards. These structural changes in varying temperatures can lead to very noticeable bows and cracks in no time.


Low-Maintenance Composite Decking

Luckily for deck enthusiasts nationwide, DeckPlus is here to banish the boredom of plank preservation and wearying wood work.

All the products available at DeckPlus are extremely low-maintenance – so much so that it’s one of our primary selling points. Minimal maintenance is a headline perk of our products, providing aesthetic awesomeness year-round, year after year after year.

Whether you choose our hollow composite decking products, uncapped composite deck boards or capped composite decking options, you can rest assured that your weekends will be free to enjoy them and not be taken up treating, staining or cleaning them.

So confident are we that your deck will last, all of our decking ranges come with a generous warranty period. These range from the five and ten year guarantees of our EvoDek and WeatherDek ranges, all the way up to the generation-spanning 25 and 30-year warranties of our TimberTech products.


Composite Decking Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your composite decking boards looking as good as new, all that’s required is an annual jet-wash to revive their “just laid” look.

For more information on the low-maintenance properties and perks of our composite decking boards, why not check out our blog dedicated to composite decking FAQs for the full lowdown.


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