Even if you've got minimal outdoor space to work with, a deck can still make a fantastic addition to your property. You can do a lot with a small garden!

Small garden deck

Pictured: EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple Composite Decking

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of the space you've got in your garden:

  • A few nice pieces of comfortable, high-quality outdoor furniture can make even a small garden feel elegant and inviting.

  • Alternatively, look out for spots where your deck could incorporate a built-in bench.

  • Laying your deck boards horizontally (i.e. so that they run the width of your garden) will create the illusion of extra width, especially if your deck spans the full width of your outdoor space.

  • If you don't have a ground-floor outdoor living space, why not deck out your balcony or roof terrace instead?


Composite decking on a roof terrace

  • Make use of your vertical space. For example, you could use hanging baskets to create floral displays on your walls without giving up any of your limited ground space.

  • Light colours make a space feel larger - try our FutureDek Silver Birch deck boards.

  • A circular deck looks very contemporary, and potentially requires less space.
  • Remember: even a very small deck makes a great spot for sunbathing, reading, enjoying a glass of wine on a summer evening, and all kinds of other outdoor activities!


Canvas chair on garden deck

Pictured: EasyClean Edge+ Sea Salt Decking

If you're looking to add a deck to your garden, DeckPlus composite decking is the perfect choice of material. Our boards require virtually zero maintenance, and all of our products come with long-term warranties to help put your mind at ease. Give us a call on 0800 028 8756 to discuss your decking project today!

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