composite decking in winter

With Christmas on the horizon and winter well on its way, keeping your outdoor living space protected and primed for the impending onslaught of cold weather is a concern for many homeowners across the UK.

Luckily, for those blessed with composite decking, no such worries are necessary. In fact, composite decking is more than up for the challenge, tailor-made to fight off the cold and withstand the bitter chill that winter brings.


Decking Dangers in Wintertime

Typical softwood and hardwood decking are both prone to water absorption, creating a slippery surface that poses many hazards as a result.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, this water can then freeze during the sub-zero temperatures of the wintertime, turning your domestic decking area into a residential ice rink.

Worse still, any water that does get into the wood cracks will expand as it freezes, which can ultimately cause your boards to crack and break, especially if they’re not properly sealed.

Fortunately, any unsteady feelings can be given the slip with confidence if you make the smart choice and opt for composite decking,


Why Choose Composite Decking for Winter

Composite decking is made from a combination of natural hardwood and composite materials, making for a top-quality product that’s highly resistant to the demands of the outdoors.

Moisture-resistant with an extremely low absorption rate, our composite deck boards are made for traction, even in the wintertime, eradicating fears of ice surface water freezing over.

With its protective polymer sleeve, capped composite decking is particularly water-resistant with an even lower absorption rate than traditional composite decking.

Perhaps best of all, neither uncapped of capped composite decking require any treatment or sealing to maintain their winterproof qualities, both providing a reliable surface underfoot that lasts year after year.


Composite Decking in the Snow

Even in the event of snowy weather, composite decking is a fantastic surface that’s built to withstand the frosty cold.

Extremely hard-wearing, you can even fend of the snow and ice by using rock salt or calcium chloride without fears of damaging the decking surface beneath when the snow/ice melts.

Meanwhile, if you do wish to remove any bulk of snow, this can be done using conventional shovelling methods; however, it’s advisable to opt for a plastic shovel to avoid damaging the boards.


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