sea salt composite decking with chair

When you invest money into a high-quality composite deck, you want to feel confident you can use it regularly without it being damaged. Thankfully, most of DeckPlus's products are scratch-resistant, meaning the chances of an accidental scratch are pretty low. That being said, you can never be too cautious, especially if your garden furniture is heavy. Here are a few ways you can prevent scratches from furniture on your composite decking.


Make use of furniture leg pads

During the day, the sun moves across the sky and casts shadows on different parts of your garden. So, if you want to make the most of the sun, you'll probably need to move your furniture around to follow it. Heavy furniture or furniture with metal legs is particularly susceptible to causing scratches, so it's best to protect your deck with furniture leg pads.

There are a lot of different kinds of furniture leg pads on the market including rubber, plastic, foam etc. With furniture leg protectors in place, you can be a sun-chaser without worrying about the impact on your composite deck!


Keep your deck clean and free of debris

Composite decks are exposed to the elements all day and all night. Over time, fallen leaves, stones, twigs and debris will build up on the surface which creates an additional risk of scratches. If a sharp stone is trapped beneath your garden furniture as you move it, it's likely to create a small scratch across the surface. The best thing you can do to limit the chance of these scratches is to clean and sweep your composite decking regularly.

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Invest in an outdoor rug

If furniture covers and regular cleaning don't sound like the perfect solution for you, you should try investing in an outdoor rug. There are hundreds of different styles of outdoor rugs on the market, all of which will protect your composite deck from scratches while making your outdoor seating area more stylish! Outdoor rugs are likely to come with non-slip pads to prevent them from moving around your deck, so you won't need to worry about accidental slips or falls. 

Outdoor rugs are ideal if you want to elevate your garden design while still protecting your composite deck. They tend to cover a large area, meaning you can have furniture spread out across the entire width of your deck without worry. We feel this is the best choice if you want to protect your deck from furniture scratches.


Avoid moving furniture around

One of the most fool-proof ways to prevent furniture scratches on your composite deck is to avoid moving your furniture around altogether. If you do need to move your furniture around, make sure there are enough people on hand to lift the furniture and place it down in the desired location safely. 

Dragging furniture, or any other type of outdoor accessory across the surface of your deck is likely to cause unwanted scratches, so please take time and care when you're rearranging things on the surface of your deck. That little bit of patience could mean your deck looks its best for years to come!


Scratch-resistant composite decking from DeckPlus

If you're yet to add a composite deck to your garden, you're probably wondering which brands offer scratch-resistant boards. Well, here at DeckPlus, we pride ourselves on offering composite decking that's beautiful, hard-wearing and scratch-resistant. If scratch resistance is your number one priority, we'd recommend our capped composite decking ranges because they offer the highest level of scratch protection. 

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