As the weather starts to perk up and we begin to get that summer feeling, some of us may feel it’s the perfect time for a garden redesign (yes, we know that rhymed) and creating a new deck area may be just the thing you’re thinking about!

Well, we agree as a well-designed and installed deck offers you and your home a lot of opportunities to not just look good, but to increase the amount of time that you spend in your garden, either by yourself or with family and friends. If this is something that you’re really considering and are up in the air about what sort of deck would look good in your garden, keep reading to find some of the decking trends that 2019 has to offer!

Complementary & Contrasting Colours

One of the great things about decking is that there are usually a bunch of colours that you can choose from. We understand that sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing, but with composite decking being such a long-lasting product (up to 30 years with DeckPlus) you’ll want to get your decision right-first-time and having a wide range of colours to choose from is a positive thing in this instance. With that in mind, you have a lot of opportunities to choose colour schemes that are contrasting and stand out or are complementary to your home and its surroundings. Typically, decks have been created from a small pool of natural colours such as browns and greys that often play it safe, but now with more colours available than ever before, you are able to experiment and go bold. Picture framing is a great way of doing this where one colour deck is used for the body of the design and another colour used on the border, creating a visually pleasing look that is sure to stand out amongst others.



It’s very rare that you find gardens that are completely level. In this case, a great way to make use of unlevel surfaces us to create beautiful multi-level decks! By doing so your deck is much more likely to stand out and offers a great way to get around your garden. To add another eye-catching element to your multi-level deck, why not add a glass balustrade or composite handrail to emphasise its unique nature? Get in touch with the DeckPlus team today for more information!  


Product Combinations

Just because you’re looking to re-design your garden with a decked area, it doesn’t mean that you have to strictly stick to decking. We know that may sound confusing but you can actually combine decking with another product such as tiles and paving to create a truly bespoke outdoor space! Below is an example of a garden that has had a multi-level deck installed, complemented with high-quality porcelain paving slabs on the ground and a glass balustrade system for that extra element of safety and style. We think this is a clever and unique way of creating a contemporary deck area that is unlike anything most people have ever seen.


And there you have it, our deck trends of 2019 that are guaranteed to transform your garden area into a thing of beauty. For more garden ideas, be sure to visit our decking inspiration page where we have many more ways that you can spice up your new deck! Be sure to contact the DeckPlus team by hitting the button below for further details on our range of deck boards, ordering your FREE samples or for other enquiries.

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