Deck with firepit

We've got a great little decking project to share with you today. A local homeowner wanted to get more use out of their garden, and they decided that our low-maintenance deck boards would help them to achieve this.

After exploring our product range, this customer decided to order some WeatherDek Charcoal decking. These dark grey deck boards have an attractive weathered appearance that's very striking indeed, and like all DeckPlus products, they're exceptionally durable.

The finished deck looks fab, and it has a very interesting feature. As these photos show, a section of the deck has been cut out to accommodate a firepit - perfect for summer evenings!

Charcoal decking with firepit

The firepit section is paved with porcelain slabs that were provided by our parent company, Greensquares. The porcelain pavers are heat resistant, so they won't fade or scorch when the firepit is in use.

If you'd like to add a deck to your garden, DeckPlus can help! We offer a wide range of products, and we can help you to create a unique design that's personalised to your requirements. Contact us today to request a quote.

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