Incorporating a built-in planter into your garden deck design is the perfect final touch, and when filled with plants, a planter can provide a boost of colour in the spring and summer months.

With warmer weather just around the corner, you may be looking for a unique way to spruce up your outdoor space. Adding planters to your deck adds an extra dimension to your garden's architecture - if you're already thinking of re-doing your decking for the summer, why not add deck planters for a dramatic way of making the most of your garden?

Grey garden deck with flowers in deck planter

What are deck planters?

Deck planters are like large plant pots that are built into your deck. Often raised, when planted with flowers and other plants they can add a vibrant splash of colour in the summer months.

These planters can be constructed from any wood, but we'd recommend using composite decking boards to make sure your planters last longer and don't rot over time.

For a sleek modern look, DeckPlus can create deck planters that match your decking with our range of composite decking materials. As our deck planters are built-in, it also means you don't have to lift heavy terracotta pots, or potentially face breakages and damage from frost that can come with traditional ceramic plant pots.

What plants can grow in deck planters?

With the correct care, many different plants can thrive in a planter. Containers can be beneficial for some plants as they provide built-in draining. This is especially good news if your garden is prone to waterlogged soil, or if you have particularly dry areas of your garden that frequently dry out.

As deck planters are typically fed with compost, they can provide an ideal place for bedding plants to grow without the fuss of checking whether the soil in your garden is appropriate.

Flowers in deck planters

When looking for flowers to plant, the focus is more on the conditions of your garden than anything else. Factors like how much sun your garden gets and how hot your local climate is can really impact what grows in your garden.

On the whole, though, we'd recommend bedding flowers such as geraniums, petunias and fuchsias for an easy way to add colour. Plant these in May to guarantee a frost-free planting. While there's little threat of frost damage to deck planters, especially those built from composite decking materials, cold weather may damage or even kill your flowering summer plants.

Garden flowers

Planting trees in deck planters

It's not just flowers that you can grow in deck planters - even trees can grow in these containers! Think smaller trees like olive, bay and Japanese maple - sadly, you're not going to fit an oak tree on your garden deck, but these smaller trees can bring the same natural beauty to your outdoor living space.

If you live in one of the warmer parts of the UK, palms are a great option that can add a modern, tropical feel to your garden. Sleek composite decking pairs perfectly with palms, transforming your back garden into a contemporary, sociable outdoor space.

Decking bench with planter and tree

Other plants such as shrubs and herbs are also great, long-lasting options for deck planters. Adding a planter to your deck gives you the perfect place to create a little herb garden - ideal for seasoning your summer BBQs! Herbs like rosemary and mint are perfect for containers; they can spread like wildfire, so containing them is a great solution!

Caring for the plants in your deck planter

Using containers is an easy way to add style to your garden, but care is required to ensure your deck planters look their best when filled with flowers. Watering your plants is essential, especially in the summer months; you may even have to water them twice in one day in particularly hot, dry weather. Even if it rains, make sure that there's enough moisture in your planters. You don't want to dry them out.

Luckily, if you use water-resistant composite deck boards to build your planters, you can water your plants without fear of water damage or rot!

If you'd like to add a deck (with built-in planters) to your garden, DeckPlus can help - contact us today to discuss your project with one of our composite decking experts! Did you know, you can now order your composite decking directly through our website? Browse our full range of composite decking here!