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If you're the proud owner of a dashing new composite deck, then there's no shame in wanting to keep it spick and span. We know better than anyone that composite decking is a worthwhile, long-term investment, so you'll naturally want to keep your composite decking clean all year round.

To help you with this, we've put together a composite decking maintenance guide that will tell you how to maintain composite decking in all weather - rain or shine!


General Composite Decking Maintenance Tips 


Things get dirty. There's no denying that! Although our composite decking requires little to no maintenance, it's still worth giving it a once over every now and then. We'll never claim that our decking has superpowers and never gets dirty, so we recommend cleaning your deck every 3-6 months to tackle any dirt that accumulates over time. 

It's not necessary to do this, but if you want your composite deck to look as beautiful as ever, then we suggest a bit of elbow grease to do the job. 


Can I Use a Power Washer on My Decking? 

Yes, you can use a power washer to clean your deck. Whilst we're proud of our decking's durability, ensure that the maximum pressure used is 1500 psi to limit any damage. 

Also, remember to only use a fan tip nozzle and spray in the direction of the grain pattern to avoid harm to the composite decking. 


How to Clean Ice and Snow on Decking


In the cold winter months, especially in the UK, you may find a build-up of ice and snow on your composite decking. Not to fear, though! There's an easy fix.

For ice and snow removal on your composite decking, simply use rock salt or calcium chloride to avoid damaging the surface. If these products leave a white residue, don't worry. You can remove this by rinsing with water or a mild soap and water solution. 


Can I Paint Over My Composite Decking? 


We don't recommend painting over composite decking - it should be beautiful and sturdy enough as it is! We offer a wide range of coloured decking to suit your unique decorative needs. 

Saying that, it is possible to paint over or stain your composite decking if you wish. But, if you choose to do this, we do not guarantee the performance of any product applied to the composite decking. 

To do this, you must wait 8-10 weeks, or until your decking has completed its weathering process. Also, keep the following points in mind: 

  • Clean your composite decking before applying any paint or stain 
  • Never paint or stain over surfaces that may contain dirt or mildew
  • Ensure that you apply any paints and sealants in accordance with the manufacturer's application instructions



How to Clean Dirt and Stains from Composite Decking


Whilst our composite decking is formulated to reduce mildew growth and staining, you may find that you need to prevent any potential build up. To combat this, simply rinse off your composite deck with a hose to prevent a build up of debris or pollen.

Mildew stains often occur where moisture, pollens and dirt are present and it uses these things as a food source. As long as you maintain a clean and dry surface, you will be able to prevent stains on your composite decking. 

Most importantly, ensure that water can always drain away from your deck. You can do this through checking that there are gaps between your composite decking boards for drainage. 


Do you need help with your composite decking maintenance?

To help our customers with installation, we provide a free guide on how to install and maintain all of our composite decking products.

Composite Decking Installation & Maintenance Guide


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