If you're a pet parent to a gorgeous little pooch then you'll want to make sure your garden suitable for them. There's absolutely no point installing garden features that are going to be destroyed by the dog in a matter of months. While you might not be able to stop them from digging up the flower beds, rolling in the mud or chewing on the grass, you can install composite decking! Here's why...

Cooling Composite

One thing that pooches love to do in summer is sunbathing. They'll head to the nearest patch of sunshine and plonk themselves down for a good few hours, enjoying every second without a care in the world... (oh to be a dog!) Our composite decking is designed to stay cool even during the hottest days, absorbing minimal heat. This means it's great for doggy daydreaming!

Slip Resistance

Have you ever seen a dog go sliding across a slippery patio or a sludgy muddy lawn after a heavy bout of rain? Well, with composite decking, you won't have to worry. Even the most excitable dog will be steady as they charge across the garden.

We know what you're thinking, surely a pooch running across a deck is going to leave some scratches or abrasions... but no! DeckPlus capped composite decking has a polymer sleeve that's scratch resistant.

Even with frequent use, you can rest assured that your composite deck will look great for years to come because we offer great warranties on all of our decking ranges!


Letting your pooch out for a wee is a necessity and something that you need to think about when you're renovating your garden. Of course, nothing is going to soak up urine quite like lawn, but you're left with unsightly yellow stains where your dog has done their business.

The polymer sleeve that will protect your new deck from claw marks will also prevent liquids (or solids) from soaking into and staining your new deck boards. Simply wipe or powerwash your decking down once the do-do has been done and your deck will be good to go.

So, if you're a dog owner looking for a new deck, look no further! DeckPlus composite decking will be a welcome addition for you and your furry friend. Did you know you can now order everything you need including deck boards, fittings and trimmings directly through our website?

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