composite decking in autumn

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler, which can only mean one thing – autumn is heading our way. When it comes to decking options that last year-round no matter the weather, there's no better option then DeckPlus composite decking!

Our low-maintenance decking is exceptionally resilient and requires minimal care. However, it’s always a good idea to keep up to date with general composite decking upkeep to ensure that your deck is top-quality all year round.


1. Take care of scuffs as they come 

If you see a scuff or a smear, treat it as soon as possible to avoid a build-up - who knows, that small scuff may become quite stubborn at a later date! 

Most scuffs and smears will disappear with a bit of elbow grease, warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush, but if the stain is resistant to your scrubbing powers, you can always use stain removing products.

Remember to avoid abrasive chemicals, such as chlorine-based bleaches and cleaners. 


2. Keep up to date with routine cleaning every 3-6 months

There's not much that warm, soapy water can't fix! Use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub your deck every 3-6 months to get rid of accumulative dirt. If you leave dirt to sit, this may affect the quality of your composite decking. 

If you want to give your composite decking a deeper clean, you can always use a jet wash if you're lucky enough to own one! Make sure that you don't go overboard and that it is no greater than 3100 PSI, as any extra power may damage your deck. 


3. Remove dead leaves and branches 

If you have trees or bushes looming over your deck, it's likely that you'll have a few leaves and branches scattered around. The wind tends to pick up a bit in autumn, especially in the UK, so before you know it you may find a huge pile of shrubbery to clear! That's the last thing you want to deal with on a cold autumn day.

It's easier to tackle branches and leaves as they fall, so make sure to routinely go over your decking with a firm bristled broom to sweep them up. Bear in mind that the longer you leave it, the more there will be to clean!


4. Look out for ice and mud build-up

Autumn and winter can bring extremely cold weather, and decks can get a bit slippery in these conditions.

Overall, composite decking is not as slippery as wooden decking, and all DeckPlus products are engineered to be as slip-resistant as possible. Unlike hardwood deck boards, composite boards absorb very little water and dry out quickly - but, it's always important to prevent any risks!

To ensure your safety, make sure snow, ice, and mud are cleared from the surface of your composite decking. Here are some tips to follow: 

  • Avoid using metal equipment as this may damage the surface of your deck. Instead, opt for a plastic shovel.
  • Use a salt-free, non-corrosive ice melt to prevent or treat the areas where ice has formed, or is likely to form. 
  • Loosen hard mud with a soft brush, and clear away with soapy water. 


What's special about our composite decking?

It’s handy to have a few tips up your sleeve when caring for your composite decking in autumn!

Our composite decking is specially designed to be resistant against splitting, rotting, decaying and warping – so you don’t even need to go through the bother of sealing your decking! Take a look at our vast range of composite decking boards, or get in touch for free samples! 

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