If you're considering a garden redesign that includes a shiny new composite deck and have a furry little friend as part of the family, you'll want to know whether they'll be able to safely walk on it. There'll be absolutely no point in spending the required time and money on installing a new deck if you later find out your cat is unable to walk on it. Especially if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors during the warmer months! 

There's no need to panic, however, because composite decking is completely cat-friendly and allows all members of your family to walk across the deck boards worry-free and here are a few reasons why...

Cat on Composite Decking


Fantastic Slip-Resistance

One of the great advantages of composite decking is its incredible slip-resistant properties. This makes it a puuuurfect choice for your cat as you'll never have to worry about them running and slipping away. Especially if you have a raised deck which can lead to some nasty and unwanted accidents.

Thanks to the protective polymer sleeve that is wrapped around our composite deck boards during the manufacturing process, not only will your new deck be slip-resistant, it will also deter scratches and abrasions. Meaning you'll also need not to worry about your cat scratching up your deck when they do walk or run across your boards - catastic! 


Cool Composite

We know that one thing a cat loves to do is to lounge around and relax near their owners. If you plan on spending a lot of your spare time in your outdoor space during the summer months, then you'll want a deck that can accommodate everyone, including your cat! 

Well, composite deck boards are created through a special process that means they will stay cool even on the hottest of summer days, so your cat can join you for those days of sunbathing in the garden.


Wipe Clean

Thanks to the protective polymer sleeve that is wrapped around our composite deck boards, not only are they scratch and slip-resistant but they also offer extremely low upkeep requirements, which means that any mess that is spilt or dropped on your deck can be easily cleaned - including presents left by your cat (if you know what we mean)!

Cleaning your composite deck will never be a chore as it only requires a quick jet wash once or twice a year, meaning you and your cat will have far more time to sit back, relax and enjoy your deck and less time cleaning it. 

So, if you're stuck asking yourself if cats can walk on composite decking, the answer is yes! Cats can definitely walk on composite deck boards as well as many other things.

If you're interested in ordering some samples of our cat-friendly deck boards, simply click below! For more information on our decking, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the DeckPlus team today.

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