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If you're looking to up your design game, modern composite decking is the perfect way to add a fresh and stylish appearance to your home. Composite decking has so many advantages, so we've put together this blog to show you what modern composite decking could do for your property. 


1. Extreme Durability

Composite decking is amazing at standing the test of time. With composite decking's composition of wood fibres and plastic, you can achieve the beautiful appearance of natural wood with the powerful strength of plastic.

Due to the robust manufacturing process of modern composite decking, it can withstand even the harshest of temperatures. It has a great resistance to fading in the sun, and it won't rot or warp in the winter under heavy snowfall. 


2. No Maintenance Required

If you're prone to dropping food or drink on your floors, you won't have to worry about stains with modern composite decking. Our composite decking is stain resistant, so grease, oil, and chemicals won't leave a mark if you accidentally spill something. It's even slip resistant, too! Modern composite decking is made with a strong polymer resin which gives it its resistance.

You'll never need to splash out on sandpaper, oils and expensive treatments for cleaning your composite decking. To clean your composite decking, all you'll need is some soapy water, a sponge, and a soft-bristled brush.


3. Variety of Colours and Styles

One of the beautiful things about composite decking is that it can come in all of the styles and colours you could ever imagine. Depending on whether you'd like a natural wooden look or a modern, sleek appearance, there will always be a composite decking range out there for you!

At DeckPlus, we stock an array of colours for our composite decking in greys, blacks and browns. It can be bold, it can be minimal, it can be subtle - whatever you're looking for, we can help you find the perfect modern composite decking to complement your style.

Our most modern composite decking selections:


4. Resistant to Mould and Rot

As well as being incredibly low maintenance, composite decking is resistant to mould, dampness and rot. Due to the polymer resin exterior, modern composite decking will not rot as the water cannot access the wood fibres. Instead, the moisture is locked out, keeping your composite decking looking fresh and healthy for up to 25 years (yes, really!). 


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