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Duo/Slatted Grey Aluminium Post 2W Light

£39.37 (inc VAT)
Was £46.32 (inc VAT)

The 2W aluminium fence post light seamlessly integrates with posts, offering stylish, energy-efficient illumination. Crafted with precision, it enhances ambiance, aesthetics, and safety in your outdoor space, providing an eco-friendly, long-lasting solution.

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Product Details

A standalone 2W light that slots into grey aluminium fence posts for fence lighting

The 2W aluminium fence post light is a stylish and energy-efficient lighting solution for your outdoor space. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your aluminium fence posts, it adds both ambiance and functionality. With precision craftsmanship, this post light ensures subtle illumination, creating a welcoming atmosphere while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your fencing. Its low energy consumption and durable construction make it an eco-friendly and long-lasting choice for enhancing both the beauty and safety of your outdoor environment.

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