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25 Year Warranty with Stain and Fade

ReversaDek Pro Driftwood/Silver Maple (Ungrooved)

£52.73per board (inc VAT)
£78.95 per m2 (inc VAT)
Was £92.88 per m2 (inc VAT)

Introducing ReversaDek Pro, an upgraded version of our beloved ReversaDek series with a 25-year warranty – 5 years more than standard ReversaDek. ReversaDek Pro retains the same width and depth as standard ReversaDek and comes in a beautiful colour combination of Driftwood and Silver Maple. The solid profile of ReversaDek Pro surpasses its predecessor, providing unmatched strength and durability while its premium surface treatment enhances the authentic wood aesthetic, ensuring long-lasting quality. The 4.8m length minimises butt joints, creating a seamless installation, while 400mm joist centres reduce the decking required. ReversaDek Pro excels in durability, aesthetics, and practicality – ideal for those seeking an advanced decking solution at an affordable price.

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ReversaDek Pro Composite Decking Boards (Ungrooved)

Introducing our ReversaDek Pro range, an upgraded version of our beloved ReversaDek series, boasting all the fantastic features you know and love, but with enhanced performance. The solid profile of ReversaDek Pro surpasses the sturdiness of our standard ReversaDek, providing unparalleled strength and durability. Experience a heightened aesthetic with the premium surface treatment, delivering an authentic wood look that's even more pronounced. This advanced treatment not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures long-lasting quality, making ReversaDek Pro the epitome of composite decking excellence.

Notably, ReversaDek Pro maintains the same width and depth as our standard ReversaDek range, ensuring a seamless transition for those familiar with our original product. Elevating your confidence in our product, ReversaDek Pro comes with an extended 25-year warranty – 5 years more than the standard ReversaDek – providing you with added peace of mind and assurance. With a generous length of 4.8m, fewer butt joints are required, contributing to a seamless and visually appealing installation. Additionally, the 400mm joist centres reduce the amount of decking needed. ReversaDek Pro offers versatility with 2 different colours on each side of the deck board: Driftwood and Silver Maple – making it a superior choice for durability, aesthetics, and customisation for your decking needs.

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