When it comes to choosing which composite decking is right for you, choosing between the tried and tested solid option and the new hollow alternative can be a tough choice.

Both offer a variety of benefits in their own right that give them the upper hand in certain areas, but which one wins out overall?

Let’s find out as we take a closer look at them both in this ‘hollow vs solid decking’ head-to-head!


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Solid Composite Decking

Available in a variety of designs and colour, solid composite decking comes in two primary forms: capped composite decking and uncapped composite decking.

Standard non-capped composite decking offers extreme durability, providing a long-lasting aesthetic that requires very little maintenance and upkeep.

Slip and stain resistant, each board is fundamentally designed to withstand the demands of the outdoors and is more than capable of handling a number of man-made obstacles as well, be it a family barbeque or a lively social gathering.

Meanwhile, capped composite decking offers all that and more, with the added benefit of enhanced moisture protection in the form of a protective polymer sleeve.

This gives each capped composite deck board an extremely low porosity, making them virtually impermeable to moisture, giving them added protection against stains and slips.

Perhaps most attractive of all, all solid composite decking comes with a 25 to 30-year warranty, with capped option even including fade and stain cover as standard.

Meanwhile, both are made from a combination of recycled hardwood and synthetic material, making them extremely eco-friendly.


Hollow Composite Decking

While it may have some big shoes to fill, hollow composite decking has a number of unique perks of its own.

Perhaps most obviously, an immediately noticeable difference between hollow and solid composite decking is the price tag that comes with them.

Hollow composite decking is notably less expensive than its solid counterpart, due predominantly to the fact that it uses less material by design.

Each hollow composite deck board features multiple hollow channels running through each plank, meaning they use considerably less material. This makes them extremely environmentally friendly, even more so than the solid version.

Despite the hollow composition, hollow composite decking is still inherently sturdy and hard-wearing, never requiring any wood treatment yet still providing all the stain and fade resistance of its solid competition.

They also provide a comfortable, lightweight surface to walk on, which can be preferable to some over the bulkier rigidity of the solid decking.

That being said, perhaps the main drawback of the hollow version in its battle with its solid opponent is the warranty. Hollow decking warranty is typically 5 to 10 years, as opposed to the 25 to 30 offered by the solid version.


Which is Better?

While both are designed for low-maintenance outdoor enjoyment, providing a wood-look aesthetic without the drawbacks of genuine timber, each option can make a solid argument (no pun intended) that puts them ahead in the opinion polls.

Solid composite decking has the edge in terms of long-lasting durability and variety of design; however, hollow composite decking is extremely eco-friendly and has a particularly attractive price point.

If budget is tight and cost is a concern, hollow decking will win all day, every day. However, if money is no object and long-lasting durability is top of the agenda, capped composite decking will long reign supreme.


Which Decking is Right for Me?

When deciding which is better for you, it can often come down to the wants and needs of the individual.

It’s worth considering your future plans when choosing which decking material is right for you. After all, would you buy top-of-the-range tyres for a car you plan on selling in a month’s time?

If you plan to stay in your home for the foreseeable future, it can make perfect sense to invest in a deck that lasts for decades to come.

Meanwhile, if you plan to relocate within the next decade, it may not be worth investing in a solid deck that’s designed to last 30 years.


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