sunset over EasyClean Edge+ Oak composite decking

There are a lot of great reasons to install composite decking – it can bring the aesthetic of your home to a whole new level, not to mention providing you with a great outdoor space for hosting, relaxing, and spending time with your loved ones.

If you’re renovating your house to flip it, are looking to sell your home and want to increase its value, or are just curious, you may have found yourself wondering: will adding composite decking increase the value of my home?


Back garden with decking

A lot of people have been stuck at home recently in accordance with the government's coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown rules. Those of us with gardens are still free to enjoy them - as long as we remain at least 2 metres from members of other households - but for the many people who don't have an outdoor space of their own, the past few months have been trying to say the least.

Not surprisingly, the lockdown blues appear to have prompted a significant shift in the UK's house-hunting priorities. New research from Rightmove suggests that gardens have become a key selling point - sellers are now being urged to show off their outdoor spaces in photos of their properties, while buyers are displaying an increased willingness to live away from city centres in return for a decent-sized garden.