An outdoor decking area is a wonderful way to enjoy your outdoor space, soak up the sun or take in the open air; but who said that decking area needs to be on the ground?

At DeckPlus, our composite decking isn’t just the ideal route to a revolutionised garden, it’s also the perfect way to revamp a roof terrace or a breath some life into a balcony!


balcony decking


Why Choose Balcony Decking from DeckPlus?

When it comes to decking out your balcony, nothing comes close to the awesome power of composite decking. Here are a few reasons why you should raise your game with balcony decking from DeckPlus.



Perhaps the most important attribute for any flooring surface that’s high above ground, slip-resistance is vital for any balcony decking product

Fortunately, at DeckPlus, all of our products are extremely slip-resistant and built to withstand the demands of Mother Nature.

Our capped composite decking boards, in particular, are extremely water-resistant, featuring a protective polymer sleeve that’s virtually impermeable to moisture.

The result is a surface that’s firm underfoot and provides traction you can count on with every step.


Easy Installation

Another great perk of using DeckPlus for your rooftop or balcony decking is that it’s inherently easy to install. In fact, when compared to comparative products and competitors’ offerings, DeckPlus is virtually effortless.

Using our noise-reducing EasyFix decking accessories, you can remove the need for a mechanical attachment altogether. Simply push-fit the rubber shoes onto the joists and use the EasyFix packers to level with ease.

Meanwhile, most of our balcony decking options are also compatible with the CONCEALoc hidden fastener system, for a smooth and seamless finish. With built-in spacers, this method allows top-side installation for trouble-free access.


Design Freedom

Available in a wide range of colours and a myriad of designs, our composite decking boards can bring instant personality to your balcony decking area.

From the deepest of blacks to the lightest of whites with every natural wood shade you could in between, the scope for design is extremely varied.

Not only does this allow you to achieve the outdoor finish you desire but it also paves the way for you to accessorise with your interior colour-scheme as well for an indoor/outdoor transition that works.



Whenever renovate your home, knowing that your new balcony decking is going to last long into the future can be a big selling point and provide solid peace of mind.

Luckily, DeckPlus decking is built to last. Better yet, it requires little to no maintenance to retain its stellar aesthetic appeal.

Composite decking from DeckPlus will never splinter, split or bow, while it’s also extremely resistant to mould and algae.

When your decking is down, you know your balcony design is in it for the long haul and here to stay well into the future.


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