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Deck Railing

Adding a good rail to your deck is the perfect finishing touch to really make the project feel complete. Especially if your deck is multilevel or has stairways and steps, railing is a must-have to complete your outdoor space. 



Find Everything You Need for Your Deck Rail

Here at DeckPlus, we have everything needed to install the railing for your decking project. There are lots of components required for a successful installation, and we've got it all in one place for your convenience. Whether you need:

  • Joists
  • Edging 
  • Fasteners
  • Clips
  • Trim 
  • Spacing Tools 

We've got everything you need for your railing installation. If you have any questions about our railing and installation products, or about any of our services at all, contact the DeckPlus team today.

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Handrail for composite decking

Why Use Railing on Your Composite Decking?

There are a wide number of reasons that adding railing to your decking project will benefit you. If your decking is an elevated patio balcony or is multi-level, having railing will be a massive benefit and reduce risk of a falling accident. It’s also common for decking projects to include steps and stairs; having a railing will help reduce the risk of someone tripping and falling, especially if the composite decking space is being used by individuals with reduced or compromised mobility.

Railings also offer an aesthetic advantage; they leave the decking project looking refined, particularly if the decking project is on an elevated surface, even if still low level.

Decking Handrail

Easy to Install

No time or effort will be wasted with installation; especially compared to some decking alternatives, the installation of composite decking and railing is relatively quick, easy, and painless.

Low Maintenance Deck Rail

Low Maintenance

Like all of our composite deking, our railing is durable and low maintenance. A simple warm soapy wash once a year will keep it in top condition and looking great.

Safety Rail for Deck

Added Safety

Why compromise when it comes to safety? Railings are a fashionable and practical addition to any composite decking project. Reduce risk of falling and accidents with deck railing.

Decking Calculator


Decking Calculator

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