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Composite Decking Joists

Laying a strong foundation is the key to any construction task, and the same principle applies to decking. To create a sturdy decking foundation you need reliable composite decking joists, which - as luck would have it - are available from DeckPlus!

Joists for Composite Decking

While your decking joists won’t be visible once your deck has been completed, selecting the right joists are just important as selecting the right decking boards.

From composite decking joists to fasteners, decking boards to screws, here at DeckPlus we have everything you need to create the perfect composite deck for your outdoor space! Browse our selection of composite decking joists below:


What are Joists?

When laying decking it's important to have a solid foundation - that's where joists come in! Decking joists are beams used to create a framework to lay decking on. Here at DeckPlus we provide a range of composite decking joists in various dimensions, so that you have all the tools you need to create the perfect deck!

Composite decking joists are more reliable than alternative timber joists because composite joists are resistant to damp, rot, and warping. Composite decking joists are guaranteed to stand the test of time, even when exposed to inclement weather! 

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Composite Decking Joists
Composite Screws and Fasteners

Sturdy Framework

Having a strong and steady base is essential when constructing decking. Our range of composite decking joints have been specifically manufactured to be perfect for use with composite decking, giving you the sturdy framework you need to get your project started out right! 

Resistant to Damp

British weather isn't always kind to us, but luckily composite decking joists are resistant to all kinds of weather-related damage including damp, rot, and warping. 

EasyFix Rubber Shoes

EasyFix Rubber Shoes

If you are installing DeckPlus or TimberTech composite decking on a roof terrace, we recommend these easy-to-use joist shoes. 10mm and 38mm shoes available.

Decking Calculator


Decking Calculator

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