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2020 was a busy year for us here at Greensquares, with lots of people using their newfound free time to renovate their outdoor living spaces. We thought that now would be a great time to collect some data on Brits and their relationships with their gardens – here’s what we found out…

We sent a garden survey to our Greensquares customers across the UK and received 400 responses.
  • 335 from England
  • 38 from Wales
  • 25 from Scotland
  • 2 from Northern Ireland
All of the following data was collected from UK residents between 19th November 2020 and 6th January 2021.

Our respondents use their gardens… a lot!

How often do you use your garden on average?

Of the 400 people who responded to our survey, the majority said they use their outdoor spaces very often. In fact 75.5% of respondents said they used their outdoor space every day in spring/summer. A further 23.3% said they use their gardens ‘at least once a week’ during spring/summer.

But do those gardens get as much use during autumn/winter? Well, surprisingly, 17% of our respondents said they use their garden every day during winter, and a further 45.8% use their garden at least once a week. This just shows how used to the cold we are!

Verandas are the #1 item on Brits' garden wish lists

If you could add ONE thing to your garden, what would you choose?

This was the question that we asked to find out what garden features were the most sought-after.

We gave respondents 16 different options to choose from, but by far the most popular response was veranda/garden shelter – selected by 13% of respondents.

Other desirable garden features included a hot tub (12.25%), outdoor heaters (9.75%), and decking (7.75%).

See the full response to this question here

Our Managing Director Jason Cole said:

Our verandas and garden rooms have been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years, and demand skyrocketed in 2020 especially - it seems that the coronavirus lockdown measures created an increased need for additional living space.

Adding a veranda to a property is a great way to get more use out of an external space that would otherwise be exposed to the elements. Even when it's raining, you can go outside, sit under your veranda, and relax in the fresh air.
Sunspaces Survey

Lawns and patios make your home more appealing to buyers

When house hunting, which features (if any) would make you more likely to buy a property?

We really wanted to find out what makes a house more appealing when it’s up for sale. Selling a house, particularly during a pandemic, is a challenge. So this data could help you secure a quick sale.

Of the 16 different options we gave, the top three most appealing features were lawn (51%), patio (43.75%) and trees (32.25%). While we can’t help you with the lawn or the trees, we can certainly help you with the patio – visit our Paving page to find out more!

More about attractive home features here

Jason Cole said:

There are many reasons to add a patio to your outdoor space - it makes a great place to relax, it adds value and aesthetic appeal to the property, and according to the results of this survey, it makes your home more attractive to potential buyers.

No wonder, then, that so many of the people who responded to this survey said that they would be more likely to make an offer on a property that already has a patio.

Patios, lawns and other outdoor living spaces have been especially in demand since the first COVID-19 lockdown measures were announced. Brits are spending a lot of time at home right now, and with restrictions likely to remain in place throughout spring and possibly summer as well, people all over the country are scrambling to make sure they'll be able to enjoy their gardens to the full this year.
PrimaPorcelain Survey

Brits are using their gardens ‘much more often’ during the COVID-19 pandemic

How often have you been out in the garden since the COVID-19 outbreak?

Most Brits are spending more time at home than ever before, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been using this extra time to get out and enjoy their garden spaces. Not only do gardens have a positive effect on our mental health, they also provide a great space to do some exercise and get fresh air during this difficult time.

The majority of people we asked (62.5%) said they had spent a lot more time in their gardens since COVID-19 arrived in the UK. 17% said they’d been outside slightly more than usual, and only 1.75% said they’d gone out slightly less or much less often than before.

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Jason Cole said:

It comes as no surprise that so many people have been relying on their outdoor spaces more since COVID-19 arrived on these shores. The government's lockdown measures - though necessary - have led to a feeling of being cooped up, and the garden has been a welcome escape for those of us lucky enough to have an outdoor space of our own.

TimberTech saw a huge spike in enquiries last year, with more people than ever before looking to add decking to their properties. The COVID-19 pandemic really seems to have driven home the value of having a pleasant outdoor living space that we can make use of during our downtime.
TimberTech Survey

Decking has been the most popular garden addition during lockdown

Have you made any additions to your garden because of the COVID-19 lockdown measures?

Not only have people been spending more time in their gardens during lockdown, but they’re also investing in new garden features to make their outdoor spaces more enticing. We gave 16 different answers for people to choose from, covering everything from fire pits to vegetable patches! Neither of these features made the top spot though.

Of the 400 responses we got, 25% of people said they’d added a deck to their garden over lockdown, 19.5% said they’d added a flower bed, and 18.75% said they’d added a patio.

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Jason Cole said:

We saw a significant increase in decking orders in 2020, so we're not surprised to learn that a lot of people have been adding decks to their properties in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

There are a number of possible reasons for this: obviously, we've all been spending a lot more time at home due to the government's lockdown measures and adding a deck or patio to your property is a good way to beat that cooped-up feeling. It's also a good place to spend time with friends and family when you're not allowed to invite them indoors.

Also, a lot of people were forced to cancel their holidays in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, and it's possible that some of those people chose to spend the money on home and garden improvements instead."
DeckPlus Survey

Have you been thinking about upgrading your garden? We’d love to help you get the most of your garden all year round with a garden room, a patio or a deck. Get in touch to start your garden transformation today. Contact Us